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Backpacking Tents

Backpacking Tents

Food and shelter are basic needs, in or out of the mountains. Lightweight backpacking tents are reliable protection and keep you warm and dry despite Mother Nature’s best shots in the high country. Wind, rain,…

Hiking Poles

Hiking Poles As a matter of necessity, I was forced into using a walking stick in 1994 when my arthritic hip became too sore to walk on. I still wanted to participate in outdoor activities,…

Layering for Comfort and Survival

Layering for Comfort and Survival Layering refers to a choice of clothing that enables the user to manage their individual pieces to promote comfort and ultimately their survival. Layering is frequently thought of as a…

Links to Further Informational Resources

Useful links from around the area.

Ten Essentials

Ten Essentials

Working with the Ten Essentials The Mountaineers of Seattle say you got to have them, The Colorado Mountain Club says you got to carry them, common sense says that you ought to have some emergency…

Traditional Moderate Climbs In The Black Canyon

Traditional Moderate Climbs in the Black Canyon

Traditional Moderates in the Black Canyon: AKA…Welcome to the Black! by Phil Wortmann   To start with, the term “moderate” should not be misconstrued as meaning lacking in difficulty, especially in the Black. Advanced traditional…

Graduating With Honors: Bouldering In Cheyenne Canyon

Graduating with Honors: Bouldering in Cheyenne Canyon

by Phil Wortmann Location: 2 feet South of road (brutal approach!) Difficulty: V-0 to V-Hard Type of rock: Best granite in the park Position: Snuggled in next to a cool mountain brook and sheltered by…

Barr Trail

Barr Trail

LINKS Barr Camp Trails and Open Space Coalition: Pikes Peak Friends of the Peak LENGTH 6.8 miles to Barr Camp one way, 12.6 miles to summit of Pikes Peak one way DIRECTIONS From Colorado Springs,…

Garden Of The Gods

Garden of the Gods

LINKS Garden of the Gods Visitor Center City of Colorado Springs Informational Page with Maps DIRECTIONS The Garden of the Gods has several access points. The Gateway entrance is across from the main Visitor Center…


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