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Immediate and effective.

Made in the USA.

I’ve been using the MSR Trail Shot ($49.95) while fly fishing and, I must say, it’s changed the way I do things. If you often find yourself considering the idea of NOT taking a tool to ensure your hydration in the backcountry, the MSR Trail Shot might do the same for you. Weighing just over five ounces, the Trail Shot affords you with an immediately deployable means of hydration that requires no more effort than retrieving and opening a water bottle. It’s extended hose is long  enough to eliminate the need to get on your belly to hydrate, and can be attached directly to your hydration bladder’s tube to top it off without removing the bladder from your pack. The Trail Shot’s hollowfiber filter will provide up to 2000 liters, and will filter a liter of water in a minute. It’s small, light, easy-to-use and made in the USA.

The MSR Trail Shot Microfilter will be on the top of my list when I’m out fly-fishing, mountain biking, or trail running. It’s the best new hydration product I’ve used when I just want to keep my pack light and keep moving quickly in the backcountry.

Come ask us about the MSR Trail Shot at Mountain Chalet.



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